Normal service HAS resumed..

Well, hello – nice to see you!

Yes, we are still here. It’s just that, while Sir Fred has only had time for fleeting visits over the Summer (one never quite knows how, why, or in which parts, because that’s the way of things in the world of International Finance … cough, cough…) the pest control people brought in to fumigate the place against all sorts of aggressive infestations were rather over-enthusiastic in their work and – particularly in the first month or two of the treatment – left the place uninhabitable.

Not only that, but the peasants, revolted by the heavy handed approach taken by the original Elfin Safety Officer, did what peasants do and simply built a new playground to include the wider community of THE WOLDS…  Don’t worry – everything’s in there … and it’s all linked together. Please come over…

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4 Responses to Normal service HAS resumed..

  1. I. N. Ventor says:

    Hmm. Seems like the concept did go down the pan. Thought it would when people started being too ambitious too early. Sad really.

    • Not necessarily! Things have shaken out in various ways since the beginning, for sure. Inevitably. But there’s stuff going on… you might say movement. It’s just happing in The Wolds right now…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Doesn’t seem like very much is going on here at all.

    • Oh, it is … just at a less frenzied pace than was demanded at the beginning … and for various reasons, including that Fred is less available than he was at the beginning of the year, the main attention has been diverted away from the Hall itself (Lady G is entitled to a private life after all) to the Wolds in general. It’s all linked up. Come and see… THE WOLDS

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